Tuesday, October 30, 2018

❤️Season of Giving ❤️

As I was pondering and wondering what would be a good topic to write about for this months blog, lots of different ideas came to mind, but nothing settled in the mind crevices with conviction.  After much mulling and mediating it hit me!  We are heading into the season of Giving!

The heart attitude of being grateful.  Grateful for not just what we have, but the deeper things like freedom to live and think as our convictions and values lead us.  There is so much division surrounding all our outlets.  I am wanting to share HOPE and JOY through the acts of being appreciative and grateful.

So, for this upcoming Season of Giving...I am challenging myself, and I challenge you as well, to participate in the popular practice of "Being Grateful".  Whether it is a daily post on you favorite social media site sharing what you are grateful for;  or a personal, more meditative journaling approach.  For me, I like the more personal approach with maybe a few sprinklings here and there on social media.  Instead of focusing on the negative, turning my focus on what is positive.  "What can I be grateful for through this circumstance"...kind of thinking.

Starting off, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I've had to pursue and profit from a long held dream of mine.  Owning a small business.  Being a "shop owner" was one of my favorite childhood games to play.  I liked organizing my stuffed animals and various toys to create a little store.  From those earlier childhood fantasies till now, I've always had a passion to encourage others.  I enjoy sharing my creative gifts and inspiring others to look within themselves to discover the hidden treasures that are waiting to be discovered. 

I also enjoy sharing multiple ideas for one product; revealing a perspective that maybe the "customer" has not seen; an additional idea or thought which expands on the original intent for a new and creative idea.  For instance:  I enjoy working with my hands making mixed media art "ornaments".  These ornaments are not limited to hanging on a Christmas tree!  They can be used as bookmarks,  adornments in a kitchen, or a special charm on your favorite notebook, planner or journal.  Just a few additional thoughts to get you started on thinking of how you can use these art pieces.

Below are a few samplings of some of the art pieces I've made.  For more offerings of handmade gifts items for sale, click on this link.

Magnet Art Pumpkins

Inspirational Leaves

Inspirational Adornments

Magnet Leaves

If your love language leans towards "gift giving", Pear Creek Cottage has many sweet, affordable gifts just ready to bring joy and cheer to someone.  Adding to that special, unique gift is an added bonus.  Right now, through December these one of a kind items ship for FREE!  Handmade and FREE!  What a delight to share for this "Season of Giving"
Handmade Adornments

Pitcher Adornments
Fabric Pieced Magnetic Bears

Fabric Pieced Birds

Another thing that I am grateful for is YOU!  My readers.  My friends.  My family.  My customers.  The amazing relationships that have formed through the avenue of Pear Creek Cottage.  I am unable to fully express what it means for YOU to be in my life.  Each individual has planted seeds into my life garden.  Those seeds have been taking root in the forms of trust and belief, kindness and generosity.  Together, I am looking forward to what the New Year of journeying and working with YOU will offer.

Thank you for your continual support of Handmade and Shopping Small Business.  Maybe without realizing it, you are helping fulfill someones dreams...just like mine.  We all need each other.

                                  With much gratitude and thanks for all.

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