Saturday, December 3, 2016

Handcrafting Your Holidays-Classes on Skillshare

The Skillshare Channel Challenge is completed.

I am feeling such a sense of accomplishment.  I finished a three month project of posting three new classes on Skillshare.  This may not seem like a big feat for some, but for me, completing this during my busiest months of the year is a giant leap.

I work in retail.  I have always worked in retail.  It is a known fact, that retail's busiest months are the "ber" months.  September, October, November, and December.   So, for me to make new class projects to show to students, and to come up with an outline of classes, and teach the classes; these are "big deals" in my book.

Normally, I would be one who skims over this accomplishment, letting the "brain gremlins" tell me that  I need to do more.  But this time, I'm taking captive the negative thoughts.  I'm not going to let them set up camp in my brain.  I am choosing to have joy in the moment.  Relish the accomplishment.  Breathe.  Reflect.  Be still, and know that God is God over all. {Psalm 46:10}

If you are interested in taking a look at my latest class on Skillshare, you can find it here.

I enjoyed the whole process of making these classes.  I have a passion for making handcrafted gifts that are custom designed for the recipients.  Coming up with these projects designs, fed my creative spirit.  I would love your feedback and input if you have a chance.  Thank you so much for reading, and for being with me on this part of my journey.

May you have a blessed Christmas season.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

New Class on Skillshare- Handcrafting Your Holidays

Exciting news to share!  I've just posted my second class on Skillshare.  It is part one of a three part series titled.

                                         Handcrafting Your Holidays.

The first class teaches you how to iron on paper with fusible web.  One of my favorite techniques.  A great and easy way to add dimension to your paper crafting .

I would love it if you would take the class and give me a review.  Skillshare is a GREAT way to participate in a huge variety of classes for a different types of interests.

For those already a part of Skillshare, use the Premium link:
For those new to Skillshare, use the FREE link:

Thank you for reading my blog, and for following me along the path that God has set before me.
Blessings to you!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Easy DIY Felt Craft Kits CLASS on SKILLSHARE

This past summer, I had the opportunity for huge leap of faith and a giant stretch of my computer and tech knowledge; when I was asked to teach a class on Skillshare.

Having never before heard of Skillshare, I began to investigate what this was all about.  My sleuthing led me to find a treasure trove of classes of all types and kinds.  From crafting, culinary, computer, photography, and so much more.
This is what you can find if you Google "Skillshare".

"Skillshare is a learning community for creators and makers. Anyone can join Skillshare to enroll in online classes, watch video lessons, create projects, and even become a teacher. Our mission at Skillshare is to unlock the world's creativity."

So, I took up the challenge, and published my first class!  Part of the whole process was frustrating.  Part of the whole process was exhilarating.  

For me, it was a renewing of my past passion to teach.  Recalling my past employment opportunities where I was able to teach craft classes.  A stirring arose, and now we will see where it takes me.

You can view my first class here     Easy DIY Felt Craft Kits:

Stay tuned, as more classes are on their way!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Independent Consultants Wax Dipping Fans

I have exciting news to announce!  Pear Creek Cottage is offering a brand new promotion!  

 Monthly Wax Dipping  BOGO packs.

"Calling all past, present and future; Scentsy Independent Consultants-

Pear Creek Cottage is starting a new offering, just for you!


Felt Kit of the Month BOGO’s


Here’s how it works:

Each month a new wax dipping felt kit will be featured.  When you purchase the featured kit, you will also receive a FREE pre-determined kit of the month.  Buy one, get one!


Add the featured kit to your cart.  During checkout leave me a message in the “note to seller” box that you want this month’s BOGO.   You must indicate when purchasing the “Kit of the Month” that you want the BOGO, or it won’t happen if you don’t notify me.  Limit of one free pack per customer.  


You may use your normal return customer Coupon Code on the BOGO pack as well.


Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and my blog to stay posted on upcoming BOGO offerings, and new die shapes that we are always adding.






I have been so blessed to be serving this great community of Independent Consultants for over two years.  I wanted  to say "thank you" and offer a token of my appreciation to all of you.  It has been an exciting journey that we have traveled together.

We've watched Spice Dawn "You Tube" videos.

 Experimented with new ideas, and shapes.  We've shared our life experiences together, and for this; I am truly grateful.

Starting September 1st, the Wax Dip Kit of the Month is:......(drum-roll please)
Purchase the Candy Corn pack, and received a FREE pack of Sport Icons

Each month will feature a new pack to purchase and a new pack that is FREE.

Please share this news!  Shout it from the rooftops!  Blog about it!  Instagram it.  Let's get this great news out!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Artful Journey

 This past year in 2015, I was able to accomplish one of my "dreams"!  I've always been intrigued by the many facets of mixed media art.  In fact, I somewhat considered myself a mixed media experimental creator.  I love mixing art forms, from fabrics to paints, papers to fibers, creating cohesion, and usually finishing off by embellishing with buttons, ribbons, charms and all sorts of fun "do-dads" 

My dream was to take a class which would help me find more of my style, and teach me some tricks of the trade.  I had a great opportunity to take an online class from the masterful Kelly Rae Roberts!  Her art work is so inspiring; but for me, her story is even more inspiring.  Being a student under her teaching was an experience that I will always remember.

 In taking this class, and in letting myself discover what lay inside of me, I officially began my "artful journey". I'm continually discovering the gifts that The Master Creator has hidden away in me, just waiting for the right season for these gifts to "bloom". Even to the point of calling myself an "artist" was a stretch for me, as I previously considered true artists as those who painted for a living.  As my definition of an artist is becoming modified, so is my gradual acceptance of myself. 

 I'm beginning to embrace the terminology, but more importantly I'm unfolding and becoming whom God intended for me to be at this point and season of my life. As I continue to discover the hidden treasures inside, I see in my art these treasures being revealed.  Whatever may happen along this path, I will view my art as part of my own uncovering, a chapter in the book of my life story.  I hope that when others view my pieces, that they too will be inspired to pursue their dreams and begin a journey of their own, discovering how The Master Creator designed them. Below are some of my very favorites 

Friday, March 4, 2016

New Year-New Products

New Listings in the shop!
With each New Year that comes, not only is it a fresh start for me, but also Pear Creek Cottage.  Fresh new ideas of items to make.  Revamping older listings, and general updating! There is something about the promise of Spring coming, with its fresh newness of life, that spills over into all areas of my life!
 One thing that I've recently started is Bible Journaling.  I've been following  "#Illustrated Faith" on social media sights, and seeing the Bible pages and words come to life with artful creativeness, is inspiring.   I decided to start where I am at, without thinking that I would have to spend a lot of money purchasing items to get started.  I have an arsenal of scrapbooking and card making tools that have been collected over 30 years old being in that particular business, so, I jumped right in!  I found a Bible on my shelf that I thought would work for me to illustrate and journal in.  I collected my art supplies from drawers and cupboards and placed them together in my prayer "nook".  What an exhilarating experience this has been.
 Because PCC is based on inspiring others to create, I knew that as I created items to use in my own Bible Art, that I would also like to share these ideas and make them available to my customers.  In this post, I show two different listings that are now in my shop, and how I used them to create a page in my a Bible.

These blank hands are great journal spots for Bible art.  Here is the link to the listing at Pear Creek Cottage.

I love the idea of using my own fingerprints to make the background on these pages.

For this page, I used paint, and ink pens for the right side of the page.  On the opposite page, I used pre-printed journal cardstock attached with colored tape.  I am a big fan of "family" and "home" themed products, so these pre-printed journal cards are just perfect for me.  You can find this listing in my shop here:
Thank you for stopping by and traveling along with me on this journey.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Friendships Made Through Business

It was 5 years ago when I started my on-line business.  The journey has been so rewarding and challenging at the same time.
One of my favorite things along the journey has been the friendship that have been made with my customers.  There are so many wonderful, creative and kind people out there!

One man that I met this past year was Bill.  Bill is a 91 year old man, who has lived an exciting life.  He married his sweetheart when she was just 17.  God blessed them with 70 years together!  They raised two wonderful children, and they also spent time serving as missionaries overseas, as well as here in the states.  He is a retired WW11 Navy veteran.

You are probably wondering how I met Bill.  Well, it seems that Bill crochets American flags, and needed some pre-cut felt stars to put on his flag.  That is where Pear Creek Cottage entered the picture. Pre-cut, adhesive backed felt stars.

Together we've come up with the star sizes and adhesive that permanently holds the stars in place
on his crocheted flag.  Since I've met Bill, he has completed several of these flags and continues to make more.

Thank you Bill, for letting me share part of your story.  Thank you also, for the bright cheerfulness that you bring to PCC, and to me!  God Bless You!

These photos were taken from Bill's Facebook page.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Olivia Joy

Can I introduce you to my newest grandchild?  Olivia Joy arrived on November 27, 2015 at 2:58pm.  She was 7 lbs 11oz, and 20.5 inches long.  She was born with lots of hair.  From the text that I received from her daddy, he declared her "Perfect"!

Olivia makes grandchild number 4 for Jerry(husband) and I.  We are thrilled with each and every one.  All their unique personalities and mannerism are so masterfully created, just for them.
We are so thankful for Olivia's safe arrival, and for her sweet smile that brings such joy and blessings to our family!

Olivia Joy McCorkle

We are looking forward to many adventures and memory making moments with this special girl.  The promises of God are already being displayed with her addition to the family.
Psalm 16:11  "You reveal the path of life to me; in Your presence is abundant joy; in Your right hand are eternal pleasures."

Thank you Lord God for creating this remarkable girl.  She is a special treasure from You.