Friday, September 30, 2011


This last week has been spent in a hot kitchen, with boiling pots of water, wonderful spicy smells, all surrounded by people I love.

My daughter and I were able to spend the week canning applesauce, peach jam, and apple butter! 36 pints of applesauce, 12 half-pints of peach jam, and 36 half-pints of apple butter! Whew!

It has been such a fun and rewarding week, seeing all our efforts pay off. From picking the apples off our trees, to slicing, cooking, and processing; to the finished product.

Reminds me that my Father's love for me is the same. He never gives up in the process. From "picking" me, to washing, cutting away the bad parts, putting me to the test in "boiling water" , and sealing me with the Holy Spirit. He never tires of the process, and I am forever grateful!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pear Inspiration

After a week of feeling a little down, I had some great inspiration today!
As I sat in my favorite chair looking out my picture window, what should catch my eye, but a single pear, hanging off the neighbors tree!

From where I sit, this looks to be a "perfect pair". Bright yellow, fully shaped, and hanging strong.

This was a shot in the arm for me to continue on the path that I'm on. Don't we all need encouragement? Today, mine came in the form of a single pear, perfectly placed by God. The message: "Keep on, keeping on". Thank you God.

Natural Suburbia: Creative Friday

Natural Suburbia: Creative Friday
Just wanted to share my inspiration for the day.
Thankful for God's intimate love in my life!