Thursday, September 27, 2018

Perspective and Details

Lately, I've been doing a lot of reflection and processing about perspective.  The way I look at things.  The frame I use around the pictures in my mind.  I tend to lean toward the "All or Nothing" way of looking at things.  I am discovering how limiting this type of thinking is. 

For instance:  I snapped these photos when visiting my in-laws in Washington State.  It was a sunny, warm day.  Enjoying being outside, I happened to look down and see the tiny little flowers basking in the sun as well.  On first look, I did not see them.  Just dirt, and green, and kind of a blur of debris that had fallen from trees and bushes.  But with a sharper mind, and keen awareness of my surroundings, I started looking around with clearer vision, and behold saw these beauties smiling up at me.  I did not move at all when taking these two photos.  I remained in the same spot, perspective changed as I was able to zoom in on the flowers.  I've kept this photo as a reminder to keep my perspective.  Keep an open heart to what is going on around me.  So, that I don't miss some special, unique opportunities that can be right in front of me.
Since this experience, I am trying to view things more purposefully and with intentionality.  My limited perspective does not give view to the whole story.  I see only partially.  But when I listen to others, and hear what their hearts are saying through the words they are using, and watching their micro facial expressions.  I can gain a greater, more complete picture of surroundings.

This practice of keeping my perspective open, is something that I am working on applying to my small online business as well.  After 8 plus years of selling on line, I am reviewing my photos, my words and descriptions in a different more rounded perspective.  Seeing how customers have used some of our products has given me different ideas of how the products can be used, that I was not able to see when I first listed the items.  So, the detail work begins.  The behind the scenes work that you may not see up front or in photos at first,...but slowly, and hopefully consistently, Pear Creek Cottage will be undergoing transformation.

I will be working on the details that most people won't see, but hopefully will make for a better shopping experience all around.  Perspective and Details are seen in these upcoming listings as well.  From layers of paint and paper, to splashes of color,  inspirational words, and finishing details make up these  Mini Message Magnets.

Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart

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