Friday, November 10, 2017

Patches and Daisy's Adventures to Nashville and Beyond

Patches and Daisy's Adventure to Business Boutique was full of unique opportunities to meet new people, and to even go home with their new owners.

As we left California, and drove across Nevada, Utah and Wyoming, I was assembling new brothers and sisters for the original Patches and Daisy's that I made.  I wanted to be able to have as many as possible to take to the Business Boutique in Nashville.  Each time I would complete one of the bears, I would smile.  Hoping that each bear would offer their new owners the same response!  JOY and gladness.  Learning to live as "The Beloved".

What a great time of learning and sharing we participated in at the Boutique.  Laughing with others, and encouraging them in their business endeavors.   Exchanging ideas and contacts.  I am particularly grateful that Jerry, my husband, was able to make the trip to Nashville with me, and all the Pear Creek Cottage goodies that we piled in the car.  Having his stable presence was calming for my excited nerves, and his assistance in set up and take down was so helpful.

It was such a great re-connecting time as husband and wife.  We were both under considerable amount of stress the weeks leading up to the event.  Me, with getting items ready to take with us and sell.  Jerry, with finishing up things at his company, as he lost his job, right before our trip.

This whole year has been teaching and reminding us that we live by faith and not by sight.  When we said yes to attend the conference in Tennessee, we had no idea at the time that Jerry would be losing his job.

We are thankful we stepped out in faith, and followed our hearts, and went on this trip to Tennessee.  We are not sure how God is going to work, but we believe with confidence, the changes we are experiencing and traveling through are for a greater, deeper purpose than we realize.  We are choosing to TRUST, and live in JOY.

We have a fondness for The Great Smoky Mountains.  They have become one of Jerry and my favorite places to visit.  We weren't sure that the trip would allow for extended travel time that allowed us to journey into our beloved mountains.  But, as it turns out, that was another added bonus from our Loving and Caring Father God.

It seemed so fitting that Patches and Daisy were able to enjoy the scenery as much as Jerry and I do.  The musical sound of rushing water over the rocks in the river.  The ever so slight timbre of leaves falling, and the brisk Fall air were a soothing balm for us.

My eyes were brimming with tears of joy and thankfulness for the opportunity we had to take this trip and enjoy the majestic beauty in God's creation.  It seem like a "Shalom Moment" ; all is peaceful and calm, knowing that no matter what happens in the future...we know that we are safe in God's hands and He will carry us through these times of unknowing and uncertainty.

"In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him".  Psalm 95:4 

We don't see all the answers from our current perspective, but we are continually choosing to "walk by faith, and not by sight"; as the journey continues to unfold we will share what we are learning along the way.

"But now, this is what the LORD says— he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. Isaiah 43:1"

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