Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Smiles are Great Stress Relievers!

Today was a day where I needed some "stress reliefs". You know, one of those kind of days; where you have a million things floating around in your head...and your brain has a hard time capturing the thoughts and holding onto them in order to complete a project or thought?

Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary, but none the less, surrounded by "stressers".

Fortunately, I was also surrounded by people who love me and care for me. They offered "Smiles of Encouragement". "Smiles of hope". "Smiles of joy in the moment". Which all helped me recalibrate and move my focus off of my frustrated self, onto enjoying the moment.

In case you are having one of "those" kind of days, let me share with you one of the very best smiles; which will make you smile BIG!

A smile that will help alleviate some of your stress. At least this particular smile did that very thing for me. So, in hopes of encouraging and helping you...here is that very special smile!

A smile from my granddaughter, Michaela. I hope it cheers you, as much as it did me!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another New Year

Time is flying by quicker, than I can keep up. 2013 was a good year with my business and personal life.

Pear Creek Cottage is flourishing, and I thank God for enabling me to have such a business, and for helping me keep sane running it! {smile}

My family has grown as we welcomed a new granddaughter this last December. Little Michaela, decided to come on the date of her choosing, and not a pre-determined date by doctors and mid-wives.

Because of her "earlier than expected arrival", things were thrown into a whirlwind of activity. I feel so blessed that I was able to catch the next plane out of town, and be with Michaela and her mom and dad within the first hours of her birth.

What a beautiful, and sacred time. Nothing compares to the transformation that happens between labor, then delivery. Thank you God for the blessed, and safe arrival of Michaela into our world.

I had to include a picture of Gramma Jan with Michaela to document my first visit with her.

Welcome Baby Michaela! We are so thrilled to have you in our lives!