Sunday, July 29, 2018

Summer Refresh

Just the word alone, "Summer" , has a refreshing sound to it.  It rolls off the tongue with a melodic sound. "Summer." 
 Memories of childhood play, from morning to night.  Staying up, and staying outside late, with the crickets and fireflies.   Camping.  Being outdoors.  The smells of hot pine cones and eucalyptus leaves.  Redwood bark, and smokey campfires.  All the sights and sounds of summer.

Waves crashing on the beach.  Kids squealing with laughter and delight.  Giggles of sprinkler and pool splashes.  Family visits and trips.  Play, popsicles, and permission.

These are just a few things I love about summer.  Everything seems lighter, less rigid.  Eating outdoors.  Barefoot play, and imaginative possibilities galore.

This summer, I was able to spend time with extended family, and with my grandkids.  It has been so fun and refreshing, that in ways, I do feel like a kid again.  Giving myself permission to play and enjoy laughter just for the pure joy of it.

 Santa Cruz girls in Washington

Spending time with family, and getting reconnected; grounded, has been great for the "roots of my life".  Being reminded of history, and foundations have been "life giving" as pure fresh water and nutrients for my soul.

I tend to function in a work mode.  Thinking, planing and preparing for work and the necessities of life, often I forget that refreshment and rest are just as important.  Our bodies need to be in tune with the seasons of nature, and seasons of life.  I'm thankful that I've had different opportunities this summer to REFRESH and RESTORE.  Recalibrate my life balance to optimize healthy choices, and reset plans and goals.

For many, summer is starting to wind down as "back to school" preparations begin.  I hope that you are able to snatch some summer moments and hold them close in your memory.  May they give you the boost you need to gear up for the next season ahead of you, and I will try and do the same.

Inspiration from Great Grammy's Rose Garden

 Family reunion at Lake Tahoe

Have a beauty-filled summer!
 Breathe deeply.  Love wholly.  Laugh Loudly! And I will do the same.

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