Thursday, April 26, 2018

What You Do, Is Important

Do you find yourself questioning your significance?  Is what you are doing right now of lasting importance?  Are you really making a difference in someone's life, or the world?

These are all natural questions that humankind asks.  We have a deep need inside each one of us, hardwired into our DNA and makeup, to be important.  To matter.

Every once in awhile, God pulls back the curtain and reveals to each of us "how" we matter to others.

I recently had this experience and wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

I own on online business called Pear Creek Cottage.  One of the services we offer are die cutting shapes for customers.  It often doesn't seem like a "big deal", but to our customers...we give them the gift of time.  We cut the shapes for them, freeing up their time to create, make, or do what is more important to them.  While we offer products for sale, we also consider that we are offering a service and gift of time.
 Pear Creek Cottage is situated on Family acreage bordering Pear Creek Lane 

Today, I would like to introduce you to a sweet customer named Dannell.  I first had the opportunity to work with Dannell in 2015.  She needed some of our felt die cut shapes for a project that she was working on with her son.  Most recently, I had the opportunity to work with her again, and this time, she let me know more of her amazing story.  You can read her story on her blog.

Special, sacred, holy; are the words that come to mind reading and hearing of Dannell's story.  She is a chosen individual that has a unique anointing to do the work of God.  I feel blessed indeed, that I was able to have a miniscule part in her story, by providing felt shapes for Levi.  In order to not detract from her writings, I encourage you to use the link to her blog.

The neat and extraordinary timing of Dannell sharing her story with me was, I needed encouragement.  I was taking a stroll down the path of discouragement, feeling like I wasn't making a difference or doing anything important.

 Isn't that just like God?  Just when I needed an uplift, along comes "angel Levi", and his mom Dannell to share their story with me.

May I encourage you today to know, even if you don't "feel" like you matter or are making a difference.  In the huge big picture, you are.  You are a uniquely designed, creatively placed, "puzzle piece" that completes the picture.  Without you, the "puzzle" has a gaping hole.  You matter.  You are needed.  There is a bigger picture and plan that we don't yet see.

Puzzle Blanks for sale in the shop

Thank you for reading and following along.  Please visit Dannell's blog and give her some love.


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