Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring is Here...feeling GRATEFUL

 After a couple of bouts with sickness this past winter, my body and mind are rejoicing that it is Spring.  Winter felt long and hard.  I was forced to rest and care for my health, which isn't a bad thing. 

I am a doer.  A "go-getter".  A planner.  Sometimes, I don't know when to stop.  Thankfully, my Creator God, has allowed me to experience sickness in order to stop and rest, and regain health; as well as learning to be more grateful for the health I do have.

In between sleeping, and coughing, I had some moments where I had mini inspiring creative moments.  Wanting to work in my planners, and get them spruced up, I came up with some designs that would help me be more organized.

 Recently, I started embroidering again.  Using wool blend felt shapes, and acrylic felt shapes gives me a great "canvas" to practice my stitches on.

 Here are some pictures of projects that I worked on while recuperating.

Hand-stitched basket of flowers
journal notebook book band.

Travelers Notebooks (TN) book bands. Elastic bands stitched with
decorative wool felt shapes.

Jumbo paper clips with decorative fabric shapes.
Stitched rabbit journal notebook band.


Yesterday, I was able to go for a nice walk with my daughter and grandson.  As I was walking along, all of a sudden, I realized..."I'm grateful!"  Grateful for the beauty of creation that surrounds me.  Grateful for movement, and the ability to walk.  Grateful for the company of my daughter and grandson...having family close.    Sharing these moments together, fills me with JOY!

I hope the season change to Spring has allowed you some time to capture and rehearse being thankful and grateful.  Thank you for reading and traveling with me on this life journey.

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