Monday, January 30, 2017

New Year = Brand New Pear Creek Cottage Newsletter

As January is wrapping up, and February close behind, I wanted to share some exciting new things happening at Pear Creek Cottage.

For some time now, I've been wanting to start a Shop Newsletter.  I have met so many great and wonderful people in the almost 7 years I've been open.  Pear Creek Cottage has introduced me to lots of new things that I was not aware of: such as the huge, Tutu craze that was so popular with not just children, but adults too.   Also,  I learned about Scentsy.  Having never heard of the company before, and now, enjoying the benefits of knowing so many wonderful people who sell Scentsy products.
I now know first hand, what neat gifts that Scentsy warmers and wax make as Christmas and birthday gifts.

As a way of staying better connected to my customers/friends, I thought a Newsletter would be a great way to keep up to date on specials, promotions, and just the happenings in day to day life.

So, I'm launching the first Newsletter and asking folks to sign up to automatically receive the latest up to date info, right in your email!

As an incentive, and "Thank You" for being the first to sign up, I have a FREE offer for YOU!

For everyone who subscribes to my Newsletter, I will send you a Coupon Code to the shop.  You won't want to miss this one!  You will receive $5.00 off your entire purchase of $25.00 or more with the Coupon Code!

Once you sign up, the Coupon Code will be revealed.  This deal is a limited time offer, so don't wait to sign up for the Pear Creek Cottage Newsletter.

As always, thank you for supporting me, and journeying with me as we inspire and encourage each other.

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