Thursday, September 1, 2016

Easy DIY Felt Craft Kits CLASS on SKILLSHARE

This past summer, I had the opportunity for huge leap of faith and a giant stretch of my computer and tech knowledge; when I was asked to teach a class on Skillshare.

Having never before heard of Skillshare, I began to investigate what this was all about.  My sleuthing led me to find a treasure trove of classes of all types and kinds.  From crafting, culinary, computer, photography, and so much more.
This is what you can find if you Google "Skillshare".

"Skillshare is a learning community for creators and makers. Anyone can join Skillshare to enroll in online classes, watch video lessons, create projects, and even become a teacher. Our mission at Skillshare is to unlock the world's creativity."

So, I took up the challenge, and published my first class!  Part of the whole process was frustrating.  Part of the whole process was exhilarating.  

For me, it was a renewing of my past passion to teach.  Recalling my past employment opportunities where I was able to teach craft classes.  A stirring arose, and now we will see where it takes me.

You can view my first class here     Easy DIY Felt Craft Kits:

Stay tuned, as more classes are on their way!

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