Saturday, June 25, 2016

Artful Journey

 This past year in 2015, I was able to accomplish one of my "dreams"!  I've always been intrigued by the many facets of mixed media art.  In fact, I somewhat considered myself a mixed media experimental creator.  I love mixing art forms, from fabrics to paints, papers to fibers, creating cohesion, and usually finishing off by embellishing with buttons, ribbons, charms and all sorts of fun "do-dads" 

My dream was to take a class which would help me find more of my style, and teach me some tricks of the trade.  I had a great opportunity to take an online class from the masterful Kelly Rae Roberts!  Her art work is so inspiring; but for me, her story is even more inspiring.  Being a student under her teaching was an experience that I will always remember.

 In taking this class, and in letting myself discover what lay inside of me, I officially began my "artful journey". I'm continually discovering the gifts that The Master Creator has hidden away in me, just waiting for the right season for these gifts to "bloom". Even to the point of calling myself an "artist" was a stretch for me, as I previously considered true artists as those who painted for a living.  As my definition of an artist is becoming modified, so is my gradual acceptance of myself. 

 I'm beginning to embrace the terminology, but more importantly I'm unfolding and becoming whom God intended for me to be at this point and season of my life. As I continue to discover the hidden treasures inside, I see in my art these treasures being revealed.  Whatever may happen along this path, I will view my art as part of my own uncovering, a chapter in the book of my life story.  I hope that when others view my pieces, that they too will be inspired to pursue their dreams and begin a journey of their own, discovering how The Master Creator designed them. Below are some of my very favorites 

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