Friday, October 11, 2013

Right Now

Staring at a blank screen. Yes, it has been over a year since I've written on my blog. What happened? One word...LIFE! Days only speed up, not slow down as time passes. I can't believe that over 365 days have passed since I last posted.

Well, now that my unbelief has been revealed, I guess I need to move on, and ask for grace and understanding from myself first, and my followers second.

Even though my days have been full of running a business, running a house, and running after a granddaughter, I do feel blessed to be able to have such a plentiful life.

My business is growing, and keeping me very busy. My house is getting smaller, or maybe it just that I need to clean and remove clutter more than I am. And, my granddaughter is sprouting as a well watered garden, full of life and energy.

With each and every day that has passed, I am thankful. This whole past year, I've been trying to be more mindful of giving THANKS! Giving thanks not just for one day (Thanksgiving Day) out of the year, but as a "way of life".

None of us really knows what will happen in the next minute, hour, or days; so what we do have is RIGHT NOW!

Right now to be happy. Right now to be thankful. Right now to live.

So, with that, I will move forward today being thankful. Being happy for opportunities to share my life with others, and have them share their lives with me. I will thank God for RIGHT NOW!

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