Monday, January 10, 2011

Prayer Bears

I was commissioned to make some special needle-felted prayer bears from a friend who is a marathon runner for Team in Training. Cindy is currently living with her blood cancer but is raising money, awareness and support for others who suffer from this disease.
These special bears were made in honor of Kathy and Caleb. I feel honored and privelaged to be able to remember them and pray for them and to be a very small part of their lives by making these fuzzy reminders that they are being prayed for. Kathy's bear is holding a running shoe and has the "TNT" initials on her bears shirt. Caleb is a lover of the New York Yankee's, so his bear has a felted jersey similiar to that of his favorite team.
Kathy and Caleb, I am so blessed to "know" you through Cindy, and want you to know that I do pray for you.
For those interested, her is Cindy's web page with more info on these two honored hero's!


  1. Beautiful, adorable and breathtaking :) How He shines through you ! So thankful you posted this :D

  2. Thanks for the comment Kippys! The cool thing is I've been told that Caleb really likes his bear (baseball). I kind of thought he might be "too old"...but I guess he really does like it!