Friday, August 6, 2010

On Purpose

We all long to have a purpose, to make a difference while we are here on this earth. We never know how long we have to live and make a difference..

Often I, in my own ways try to make my purpose happen. Do you ever do that? Being aware that you have a limited time, you try to rush, and make things happen, so you can feel satisfied that you have "done your purpose."

I am so thankful that God is very aware of this weakness of mine; and I'm so grateful when He reminds me that it is not about me "doing my part"...but Him. He is always present and active in my life. And you know what my purpose is?
To glorify Him.
Not try and get people "saved" from eternal destruction, not to help them overcome an addiction...and all the other ideas that we have of what our "purpose is".

My soul purpose is to love God.

He will decide how and when He will use me to accomplish His purposes...not my decision. That is so freeing. If only I could remember this truth. It would save me from a lot of worry and anxiety. But, I am so thankful that even though I can't always remember this on my loving Father is patiently reminding me of it.

"Father God, when I forget this truth, please remind me once again that my purpose is YOU. Loving You, desiring You, serving You how You lead, living in fellowship with You."

I love this quote from Ruth Myers book: The Satisfied Heart

"Every soul is a vast reservoir from which God can receive eternal pleasure."

Ephesians 3:14-20