Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Snowfamily!

I just had to share what fun I had while working on this project. I started knitting the first snowman (Dad) while we were visiting family in Washington State. Sitting in front of the fire, with fall decorations surrounding me, the whole feeling was one of comfort that is found surrounded by family.

As we traveled back home, I started on Mom now feeling more confident in the pattern with increases and decreases. My mind traveled over my life as a mom. What a joy...what a privilege...what an adventure, being a mom is.

The two smaller snowmen were created after we arrived home. I guess it's kind of appropriate since my husband and I are empty nester's, that I finish the family while sitting in my quiet house. If I listen carefully, I can still hear the laughter in the walls of our home. Such wonderful memories which anchor my heart to home. Soon, we will have children noises in our house again when our new granddaughter arrives before the end of this year. It will be so fun to hear giggles and laughter again.

This snow family is such a reminder to daily cherish our families. There is nothing that can ever replace them and their impact on us.

Brr...time for some hot cocoa or maybe a mocha...Enjoy!

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